Roboform Review – 2021

Originally launched over two decades ago, RoboForm is one of the oldest password managers available, but is it the best password manager?. It’s often considered to be one of the first programs of its kind, eventually leading to this massive password management industry we have today. All of those big-name tools, like Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password, Sticky Password, and Keepass wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for RoboForm breaking down those barriers.

Despite the new services to pop up in recent years, RoboForm continues to be a contender for your password security dollars! But is the password management service any good? Is RoboForm one of the best password managers on the market or does it still cling to security protocols from the past? Read through our RoboForm review to see what this password manager has to offer.About RoboForm

RoboForm is developed by Siber Systems. This privately-held company is relatively small and is based out of Fairfax, Virginia, here in the United States. While you might not have heard of Siber Systems before, the company has been in the game for well over 20 years.

Its flagship product, RoboForm, was launched in 2000. Back then, RoboForm was a simple program that was designed to store passwords locally. It was available as a one-time purchase with a software license.

Of course, the digital landscape has evolved quite a bit since those early days of the Internet. As a result, Siber Systems has had to evolve RoboForm to match changing needs. Luckily, the developers were able to do just that.

Not only did RoboForm get stronger and more capable, but several additional features were added as well. In 2009, RoboForm Enterprise was released. This was followed by RoboForm Everywhere in 2010. The former software title was catered towards businesses while the latter served the growing mobile market.

In 2015, RoboForm Enterprise became RoboForm for Business. Rather than a standard application, the once standalone program turned into a “service as a solution” product. The same goes for the standard RoboForm app. The password manager moved to a freemium pricing model in 2017 as the developer started offering individual plans and family plans.


RoboForm Features

RoboForm has had a long time to get things right. The developers behind this password management tool have been adding new advanced features and technologies since launch. Here are some of the tool’s most noteworthy features that you can benefit from.

Strong Symmetric Encryption

At the very least, every password manager should be able to keep your account credentials safe. We’re happy to say that RoboForm does a fine job of taking care of the basics. The manager uses one of the most secure forms of encryption currently available.

When you store your passwords and account logins with RoboForm, all of that data is stored in a database. The database is encrypted using 256-bit encryptions. AES-256 encryption is used by the military and government officials because it’s so effective at keeping prying eyes out.

Encryption works by scrambling data at both ends of the tunnel. It’s symmetrical encryption. Basically, this means that both entities looking to access the data need to have a key. In the case of password storage, that would be the program and the recipient.

The interesting thing about RoboForm is that the database is encrypted rather than the data itself. With other password managers, every piece of data traveling to and from the database is encrypted on the spot. That’s not the case with RoboForm. It encrypts the database, which holds the various password vaults. Think of it as putting a very powerful lock on a box.

Two-Factor Authentication

Locking up that box with one layer of encryption isn’t enough to provide peace of mind for most. Luckily, RoboForm gives you even more security with two-factor authentication. This feature is typically used whenever you log into the database from a new device.

RoboForm wants to make sure that it’s really you. Even if you provide the right master key, RoboForm may request additional verification. The password manager can do this in a couple of different ways. It may send you a one-time password through email or SMS.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party authenticator. Currently, RoboForm is compatible with Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and more. You can even use biometric systems like FaceID or TouchID on iPhones.

Useful Security Center

Once you’ve imported all your account details and have begun to use RoboForm, you can head on over to the Security Center. This unique feature is found within the app. It’s designed to scan all of your passwords and give you some more insight into your current cybersecurity efforts.

The Security Center system will assign you with a final security score. The score is based on the strength of your passwords as well as how often they are used!

The system can look for weak passwords, spot duplicates, and more. It’s a handy tool that you can use to find potential security threats before they become an issue. Using this system, you’ll have the ability to change your passwords to something a bit stronger.

Now, RoboForm currently doesn’t offer batch processing. Thus, you have to go in and change every password manually. This can be a hassle, so keep that in mind. Many top-tier password managers offer batch processing to make improving your overall cybersecurity a breeze.

Safe Sharing Features

RoboForm does offer secure sharing. But, it’s handled a bit differently than it is with other companies. Sharing is an important feature for a wide range of people. Families, for example, need sharing if they all have one family account. Maybe you share a streaming media account with your kids. With secure sharing, you can provide access without outright giving them your password.

Businesses can benefit from sharing, too. Team members will have the ability to collaborate while employees can receive access to company accounts from managers and high-ups! With family and business plans, you can create shared folders, manage access, and so much more.

Even with a basic individual RoboForm Everywhere account, you can share passwords with others through a simple code. It’s simple, quick, and intuitive. But there is one caveat: the person you share the password with also has to be a RoboForm member. If they’re not, you will not be able to share those details.

Another cool feature worth mentioning is the Emergency Contact function. You can provide some basic personal information about people you trust within the RoboForm app. If anything were to happen to you, those emergency contacts would be able to gain access to your database. This provides peace of mind and ensures that all of your bases are covered in the event of an emergency. Like simple password sharing, to assign someone as your emergency contact on RoboForm, they need to have their own RoboForm account.

Password Generator

No password manager would be complete without a password generator. One of the biggest issues with account security nowadays is simple passwords. There are so many websites that we have memberships to nowadays. From banking sites to shopping platforms, it seems like everyone requires a custom account.

Unfortunately, the more accounts you have, the harder it is to come up with unique passcodes. Thus, most web users will just start to reuse their passwords or come up with codes that are very easy to remember. While the characteristics of a weak password may make things easier to recall, it puts your various accounts at risk.

The RoboForm password generator aims to address those potential issues. With a few clicks, you can create a totally random password. Select a few passcode parameters and you could easily customize the experience. It’s a great way to use ultra-secure passwords. Thanks to the simplicity of the password generator and RoboForm as a whole, you can even update your passwords regularly. Cybersecurity experts already recommend this. Now you can finally listen!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide frequent information quickly and efficiently? With RoboForm, you can! This password manager has an autofill function that’s designed with simplicity in mind.

You can save your personal information, shipping address, and credit card number in your RoboForm database. Whenever you need that information, it’s instantly recalled. This feature saves a ton of time and makes form-filling much more secure.


RoboForm Pros

Overall, RoboForm is a well-developed password manager. It does several things very well and can provide you with respectable user experience. Here are some of the password manager’s biggest highlights.

Compatible with Many Devices and Browsers

A password manager will only work if you can use it on your device! Fortunately, RoboForm works on most devices without any issues. It’s compatible with many operating systems and mobile platforms. You can use it on:

Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS
Google Android devices
Apple iPhones

For both mobile devices and computers, RoboForm offers a dedicated app. The app is where you’re going to input your passwords and take control over your online account security.

RoboForm is also available as a browser extension. The extensions let you utilize most of the password manager’s features without having to open up the standalone app. The extensions can also provide access to your database if you’re using an operating system that’s not officially supported. For example, downloading the Google Chrome extension would let you use RoboForm on a Chromebook.

Currently, RoboForm has extensions for:

Microsoft Edge

Easy Import and Password Capture

Setting up a new password manager can be a huge pain. RoboForm makes it easy by offering several import options. You can input account credentials and logins manually. But, automatic imports are much faster.

The application accepts CSV files. There’s also the option to export files. You’ll have to modify some security settings within the app to take advantage of this feature. But, it can be quite useful if you’re migrating to a different password manager or upgrading your computer.

Export Function

If imports and manual inputs aren’t good enough, RoboForm can also capture data as you browse. Whenever you log in to a new account for the first, RoboForm will ask if you want to save that information later for instant recall.

Cloud Backup

When you sign up for a RoboForm account, you’ll have the opportunity to use your database on multiple devices. You can easily browse on your desktop, move to your tablet, and pick up where you left off on your smartphone. The database moves with you to ensure that you’re getting access to all of your accounts no matter what device you’re using.

How does RoboForm do this? Well, your databases are backed up to the cloud. All of the data is synced across devices automatically for simplicity.

Zero-Knowledge Infrastructure.

Zero-knowledge protocols are what you want to look for when shopping for cybersecurity services. When a company says that they are “zero-knowledge,” it means that the infrastructure is set up in a way to limit what information they have access to.

With the case of RoboForm, no one at the company can see what information you’re storing. They don’t even know your master password!

When you log into your account, a key to unlock the encryption is generated from your master key. RoboForm uses PBKDF2 with the SHA-256 hash function and 32-byte salt.

This is a one-way algorithm that authenticates your account. Not even the experts at RoboForm could decrypt that data. It appears as nothing more than a mess of numbers.

Ultimately, the fact that RoboForm is a zero-knowledge company is a huge plus. It means that all of your accounts are completely safe even from those on the inside.

Solid Customer Support

RoboForm has a good customer support system. Not all companies put money into their support team, so it’s nice to see that the developers behind RoboForm are investing in this area.

You can connect to a knowledgeable support member 25 hours a day, seven days a week on the website. There is a live chat function and a standard email address that you could contact.

That’s not all. RoboForm also does a fantastic job of providing as much self-help information as possible. You’ll find a section on the website dedicated to frequently asked questions. There’s also a detailed online manual and help center.


RoboForm Cons

Despite RoboForm’s age, there are some things we would like to see improved. Here are some of the most glaring issues with this password manager.

Desktop Application Isn’t the Most User-Friendly

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for companies to have poorly made applications! The RoboForm app isn’t unusable. However, it’s certainly not user-friendly.

It operates on a folder-based system. Think of the last time you had to dive deep into your computer’s storage to find one stray file. That’s what it’s like to use the application. Finding menus is difficult and less-experienced users may have a hard time figuring things out.

Many of RoboForm’s competitors are known for having great apps. They’re praised for ease of use. That’s not the case here.

Missing Some Must-Have Features

Another big disappointment we had with RoboForm is its lack of extra features. Big players in the password management industry offer all the bells and whistles. For example, Dashlane has features like dark web monitoring and a VPN!

RoboForm does have some extra perks. The Security Center is a nice touch. But, it’s nowhere near what other password managers have. Considering RoboForm’s time in the business, we would expect there to be a bit more on the table.


Plans and Pricing

RoboForm offers several different plans. These plans include some differences in features. You might also notice that cheaper plans have more limitations than pricier ones.

On great thing that RoboForm does is offer discounts based on your subscription length. If you pay for a longer service period upfront, you can save more on your overall monthly costs.

Let’s see how RoboForm pricing breaks down.


RoboForm Everywhere (Individual Plan)

Price: $1.99 per month, billed annually at $23.88
Three-Year Plan: $64.44
Five-Year Plan: $99.50

The RoboForm Everywhere plans include all of the core features. You get syncing across all of your devices, unlimited password saves, and all of the great features we went over earlier.


RoboForm Family

Price: $3.98per month, billed annually at $47.75
Three-Year Plan: $128.85
Five-Year Plan: $199.00

With RoboForm Family, you’re getting five user accounts under one membership. You can easily share passwords and important information among users. Aside from the five user accounts, all of the features are the same as RoboForm Everywhere.


RoboForm for Business

The business plans come with a bevy of extra features. They’re built for companies big and small. So, they come with administrative tools that you could use to manage access for employees. There are also stronger sharing features.

The pricing for business plans depends on how many users you plan to have. The more employees in your team, the more affordable the individual pricing will be. There are also bigger discounts for longer service terms.

1 to 10 Users: $39.95 per user per year
11 to 25 Users: $35.95 per user per year
26 to 100 Users: $34.95 per user per year
101 to 1,001 Users: $29.95 per user per year


Privacy Policy

Before you commit to any service or product that’s focused on cybersecurity, it’s good to read up on the fine print. Just because a company works to keep your data safe doesn’t mean that they don’t collect it for themselves.

RoboForm’s privacy policy is pretty transparent. It’s readily available on the website and lays everyone out clearly.

The company will collect some private data. This could include contact information, payment information, and more. However, RoboForm does its best to collect the bare minimum necessary to manage your account.

RoboForm doesn’t send that information to other companies or individuals either.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About RoboForm

Is RoboForm Safe to Use?

As a password manager, RoboForm is very safe to use. The tool takes advantage of 256-bit AES encryption. Not only that, but it’s entirely zero-knowledge.


Is There a Free Version Available?

There is a free version available for RoboForm. It’s surprisingly feature-rich. You get unlimited passwords saves, the automatic form filler to take care of web forms, emergency access capabilities, and more.

The only major limitation is that you can only use it on a single device. With only one device, this also gets rid of cloud backups, two-factor authentication, and a sharing folder.


How Long Can You Use the Free Version?

The free version is not a timed trial. If you’re fine using the limited features of the free version, you could continue to use it as long as you want.


How Much Does RoboForm Cost?

It depends on the type of plan you get and how long you commit. The cheapest option will set you back about $1.99 per month. However, you must pay for a year’s worth of service upfront.



Overall, RoboForm is a decent option for those looking for basic service. It’s not going to provide you with all of the extras like some other password managers will. However, it covers all the basics.

RoboForm is an affordable password manager that has advanced encryption and tons of flexible options. What’s not to like?