NordPass Review 2021

In the world of password management, NordPass is a newcomer with a lot to live up to. This password manager was just recently launched in 2019. However, it’s managed to already capture a lot of attention.

Developed by the same company that created NordVPN, NordPass already had a lot of expectations upon launch. NordVPN is one of the most recognizable names in cybersecurity. As a result, this new service launched with a lot of fanfare. Being developed by a company that built its brand around secure surfing, most people expect NordPass to offer impressive features right out of the gate.

But does NordPass live up to those expectations? The market is already filled with many great password management tools. Services like Dashlane and LastPass are often the go-to for safety-focused Internet users. Does NordPass have the features and performance to compete with the best password managers on the market? With this NordPass review, we’re going to find out!


About NordPass

Officially launched in November of 2019, NordPass has been in the making for a long time. It was developed by Tenefin & Co., S.A. This is the parent company of the ever-popular NordVPN.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve probably heard of NordVPN at some point. It’s one of the most popular VPN service providers in the world. The VPN service, which was launched in 2012, reportedly has over 12 million users around the world. The company has put a lot of money into advertising in recent years, sponsoring high-profile gamers and Youtube channels.

Already, NordPass is a worthy choice for web users who prioritize privacy and security above all else. Tenefin & Co., S.A. is headquartered in Panama. If you’re not familiar with international privacy laws, Panama is one of the best jurisdictions to be based out of. Panama has no mandatory laws on data retention. The country isn’t a part of known intelligence alliances either, such as Five Eyes. As a result, companies based in Panama can provide true privacy and security to their customers.

It’s important to remember that NordPass is very new to the scene. The password management service is still finding its bearings and continuing to evolve. Thanks to the massive amount of resources behind it, we do not doubt that NordPass will continue to change and improve in the future.


NordPass Features

Like any other password manager, NordPass is built to provide you with an easy way to keep all of your online account credentials in one safe space. Your passwords are stored and recalled from an encrypted cloud server, making it easy to access your login credentials from anywhere.

While NordPass is still new, it has many impressive features worth talking about.


Advanced Encryption Protocols

The heart of any password manager is its encryption technology. It’s what these tools rely on to keep your data protected at all times. Basically, encryption is a way to scramble data while it’s in transit. If hackers were to get a hold of that data somehow, they wouldn’t be able to make any sense of it.

Of course, there are many different ways to achieve proper encryption. Most password management tools on the market these days use 256-bit encryption. 256-bit AES encryption is considered the “gold standard” and is used by the military to keep sensitive documents under lock and key.

While 256-bit encryption is fantastic, it’s not the only option. One new form of encryption is starting to gain more traction. Called XChaCha20, this encryption algorithm is relatively new. However, it’s being called “the future of encryption” by many security experts. It’s even being used by Google!

NordPass uses the XChaCha20 algorithm and key derivation Argon2 function. According to NordPass, even supercomputers that could guess billions of keys per second would take billions of years to crack the key. That’s an impressive encryption algorithm!

This encryption technique is also said to be less susceptible to certain cyberattack methods. For example, it’s not vulnerable to cache timing.

Whether or not XChaCha20 is going to take the place of 256-bit encryption remains to be seen. But either way, it’s a solid protocol that’s going to keep your data safe. The fact that a newer password manager like NordPass uses it is certainly an exciting thing to consider.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is another important feature to look out for when you’re searching for the perfect password manager. Also known as 2FA, this feature adds another layer of protection to an already secure system.

Normally, logging into your password manager requires one master password. This master key provides access to the entire database, so it’s an important password to remember. But what if someone else knows your master key? In theory, they could take your account credentials and have access to everything from banking information to personal data.

Two-factor authentication helps to ensure that you’re the person accessing your database. It’s usually requested when you log into your account from a new device for the first time. NordPass is compatible with third-party authentication tools.

The password manager doesn’t accept as many authenticators as some other services. But, it accepts some of the most commonly-used options. This includes Google Authenticator, Authy, and Duo Mobile.

You can set up two-factor authentication directly from the application. NordPass will generate a unique QR code. After you scan the code with your chosen authenticator, you’ll be all set up. In the future, NordPass may send a unique code that you have to provide to gain full access to the system.

It’s a great feature to have that can dramatically improve your overall security.


Autofill Functionality

One handy feature is the autofill function. This is a completely optional feature that you have to configure within the app. Basically, NordPass will recognize sites that you frequently visit. When asked to log in, the application will fill out the appropriate credentials with one click. It’s quick and easy.

However, the autofill function doesn’t stop there. You can also use it to fill out forms in seconds. When you first create an account with a website, you’re often asked to provide basic contact information. This could include your name, personal address, or email. You can save all of that information within the NordPass password manager for quick retrieval.

It even works on credit card information. Perfect for online shoppers, the autofill feature takes the hassle out of paying for orders. Just save your credit card number within the application and recall it whenever you need to. Don’t worry! All of this data is encrypted just like your passwords.


Flexible Password Imports

Saving your passwords into the database can sometimes be a hassle with other password managers. In our digital landscape, most people have tons of online accounts that they need to remember! Everything from banking websites, utility providers, and even e-commerce shops requires a secure password nowadays.

Normally, you would have to enter all of that information in manually! It’s a huge time waster. Luckily, NordPass gives you a couple of different options to get the job done.

In addition to manual input methods, NordPass can capture your credentials automatically. With the application installed and running, NordPass will prompt you anytime you log into a new website. It’ll ask you if you want to save those credentials. If you choose to do so, it’ll fill that information out for you automatically.

You can also import account credentials. This is a good choice for batch processing. It works well for businesses with thousands of credentials to input. NordPass accepts CSV files. There’s also a dedicated import menu that can walk you through the process. From there, you can import data from popular browsers. The application will even take data from other password managers like Dashlane, LastPass, Roboform, and more.


Sharing Capabilities

If you need to share your passwords with others, you can do so directly on NordPass. There are some limitations to this feature, which we’ll go over a bit later. But, it’s good that the password manager offers this feature.

The service is all about security, so password sharing is done a bit differently. You have to connect with the other user first. This can be done directly on the app. Once you choose to share a password, NordPass will send an email to the other user.

With this email, NordPass checks the connection. It wants to make sure that your data is safe, so it’ll use asymmetrical encryption.
Currently, sharing is only available to users who have a paid subscription. However, you can still receive shared passwords if you have a free plan.

Sharing is not just limited to passwords. You can also share secure notes and credit card information.


Intuitive Password Generator

Coming up with a powerful password is hard enough. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why Internet users have their accounts compromised. Simple, easy-to-remember passwords might be more convenient. But, they’re also far easier to figure out. This is especially true if you use personal details as part of your key.

NordPass has a user-friendly password generator built right in. It will instantly come up with a random password that utilizes all the required characters you need. It can use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and even special characters.

The cool thing about the generator is that you can easily modify the complexity of your password. Just use the integrated slider to control the length of the password. Longer codes are best, so you can max it out at 60 characters if you want to! You also have the option to limit certain characters if your site is a bit pickier about what’s accepted.

This password generator is a lot handier than what most people first think. You can replace every single one of your online account passwords with one that’s stronger and harder to crack. To take things even further, you can use it to change your password monthly!

Because NordPass will remember those passwords for you, there’s nothing stopping you from making updates. Most security experts recommend this, but not too many people do it. With the password generator, you finally can.


Password Checker

Speaking of strong passwords, NordPass has a handy analyzer that you can use. The password checker is designed to look through the database and find weak passwords that could be easy to compromise. It’s a good tool to use when gauging your online safety.

Use the alerts to figure out which credentials need updating. The tool can even find duplicate passwords, making it easy to secure your entire online presence.


Notes Storage

Need to jot down some sensitive information for later? NordPass has you covered. The password manager lets you create quick secure notes. The notes are encrypted just like your passwords. It’s stored on the database and can be accessed across your devices.

Those notes are shareable with established trusted contacts. Currently, NordPass doesn’t have full encrypted storage like some other password managers. But, the secure notes feature is a step in the right direction.



NordPass Pros

There’s a lot to like about the NordPass password manager. The service is well-built and there’s some solid technology hiding under the hood! Here are some of the most noteworthy advantages NordPass brings to the table.


Zero-Knowledge Architecture

NordPass provides zero-knowledge service. What does this mean? Essentially, it means that no one has access to your data. This includes NordPass!

NordPass stores all of your data in the cloud. But, the data is encrypted locally on your device before it’s sent. Thus, NordPass can see that you have information stored. However, no one at NordPass has the means to unlock it or gain access.

This is a hugely beneficial feature. It ensures that your information is completely safe from prying eyes. You don’t have to worry about that information getting into the wrong hands. Even if NordPass wasn’t in a country with lax privacy laws, there would be no way the company could give up your information.


OCR Scanner

Here’s a small feature with a big impact. NordPass has an OCR scanner that you can use directly on the mobile app. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Just use the camera to collect and save information on the fly.

This feature works with secure notes. Instead of having to create a quick note from scratch, just use the OCR scanner. It’s perfect for jotting down business cards, addresses, and more for later access.


Biometric Login

There’s nothing more secure than your own fingerprint or facial structure. On the Android and iOS mobile apps, you can use biometric data to gain access to your passwords. It works well with two-factor authentication and eliminates the need for a third-party app.

Currently, NordPass is compatible with the technology that comes with most modern smartphones. This includes Apple’s FaceID and TouchID.


Recovery Code

The NordPass recovery code is a beneficial feature that can help you recover your account. Generally, your master password is going to be the key you use to access your password vaults. But what if you forget it? Or, what if someone else steals your master password and tries to use it to get into your vault?

With other password managers, you’d be out of luck. For example, forgetting your master password for Dashlane often requires you to reset your entire account and start from scratch!

Remember, NordPass has a zero-knowledge infrastructure. The company does not store your master password anywhere. Luckily, the recovery code can help you get back in if your master password isn’t working for you.

This recovery code is a separate key that you can use to access your vault. It can be generated within the application. NordPass allows you to generate new codes periodically to ensure that your account is safe. Just don’t forget to jot the code down and store it somewhere safe!


Wide Compatibility

Another big perk of NordPass is its compatibility. The password manager can be used on a wide range of devices. Currently, paid plans only allow you to access your account on six devices at once. However, those devices can utilize vastly different operating systems or browsers.

The NordPass desktop app is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For mobile devices, you can download apps for both Android and iOS.

NordPass has dedicated browser extensions, too. With the browser extension, you can access your database without running the primary dashboard in the background. Depending on your setup, you may also be able to use NordPass on unsupported operating systems as long as you’re running a compatible browser. For example, you could use the Google Chrome extension on your Chromebook.

NordPass currently has browser extensions for:


Unfortunately, there’s no native extension for Safari just yet. But, you can still use a dedicated mobile or smartphone app.


24-Hour Customer Support

When it comes to cybersecurity, it pays to have access to a knowledgeable support team. Being able to contact customer support can mean the difference between gaining access to your online accounts and being locked out for hours.

NordPass offers 24-hour customer support through email. No live chat function or telephone number is available just yet. But, the team responding to emails is pretty responsive.

You can also get ahold of someone on social media. Nordpass support specialists are active on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, there’s a decent self-help area on the website. The knowledgebase is split into various categories. You can easily find answers to frequently asked questions or step-by-step guides on how to complete certain tasks. There’s even a handy search function to help you find the information you’re looking for quickly.


Audited by a Third Party

If you’re familiar with NordVPN, you’re probably aware of some security problems the service had in the past. Back then, NordPass wasn’t available. Now that it is, is the password manager vulnerable to those same past risks?

According to an independent audit, NordPass has some great security measures in place. The password manager was audited by Cure53. Cure53 is a German IT company that has performed audits on many big-name cybersecurity companies. It’s a third-party company with no relation to NordPass or its parent company. Thus, we have no reason to suspect any bias.

Cure53 provided positive feedback for NordPass. The auditing company stated that NordPass had good overall security for its desktop app, mobile app, and browser extension.

The fact that NordPass publishes this data is a huge plus. Not every company does that. In fact, some will state that they are audited by third-party companies. However, they never publish the results or even provide information about the auditing company. We’re glad to see that NordPass is transparent about the audit.


NordPass Cons

With so many great password managers to compete with NordPass isn’t perfect. It’s a new service, so there are still some things that it needs to do to catch up with some of the bigger players.

No Live Chat Support

As we mentioned earlier, NordPass doesn’t have a live chat feature on its website. While the 24-hour email support is fine, what if you need instant assistance?

It’s surprising that Tefincom & Co., S.A. hasn’t implemented this functionality yet. NordVPN has a robust live chat system that’s highly praised. We hope that NordPass will follow suit in the near future.

Limited Features Compared to Competitors

There’s no denying that NordPass is relatively simple compared to other password managers. It’s no surprise given its age. However, it is a bit of a disappointment considering all of the great things that the developers have achieved in the past.

Most of the password manager’s biggest competitors have a lot more to offer. For example, you can get things like dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, and more from other password managers. NordPass doesn’t even offer a VPN service, which was a big shock when the service first launched.

Even Dashlane has a VPN service included for paid members. NordPass is made by the same developers of NordVPN. It seems like a no-brainer to offer that service alongside the password manager. The company wouldn’t even have to go to a third-party VPN provider as Dashlane does!

Of course, NordPass is still young. We wouldn’t be surprised if the VPN and other must-have extras become available in the coming years.

Can Only Share with Other NordPass Users

Here’s a big disadvantage that you’ll need to think about before signing up with NordPass. Sharing is a big feature that can help you provide access to your accounts to trusted individuals. It’s frequently used by businesses that want to make things easier for collaborators.

NordPass does have sharing capabilities. But, they’re limited to other NordPass subscribers. Remember how we said that NordPass sends an email to people you want to share passwords, notes, and credit card information with. Well, to access those credentials, your recipients need to create a free account with NordPass.

It’s a bit of a hassle that could make sharing more difficult than it needs to be.




When it comes to offerings, NordPass is pretty simple. Currently, there’s only one paid plan available. There is a free plan as well, but we’ll get into that soon.

The paid plan, dubbed the “Premium Plan” is quite affordable. To make things more accessible, NordPass also gives you a couple of different options to pay for it. The pricing model is similar to what NordVPN does. If you commit to a longer membership period, you can save on your monthly fees.

If you pay month-to-month, the plan will cost you $4.99.

If you commit to a one-year plan, the plan costs $2.99 per month. That’s about 40 percent in savings. However, this amount is billed annually at $35.88.

The most affordable option is to commit to a two-year plan. It’ll cost you $2.49 per month, which is 50 percent off the monthly fee. It’s billed every two years at $59.76.

The premium plan comes with all of the core features. This includes unlimited password saves, six active devices with full syncing, and secure sharing.

What Does the Free Plan Include?

The free plan will not cost you a dime. This isn’t a free trial. If the free plan has everything you need, you can stick with it!

The free option is limited in terms of features. However, it’s one of the better free plans on the market. That’s because it includes unlimited password saves. There are no limitations on how many accounts you can store in your database!

The plan also comes with secure notes and the ability to save credit card information. Everything else is reserved for the paid plan. You can only use the service on a single device.


Privacy Policy

NordPass may have zero-knowledge protocols, but that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t collect some information about you.

The password manager has a detailed privacy policy, which is readily available on the website. It’s written in plain English, so you don’t have to understand legal jargon to get a good grasp of what you’re signing for.

According to the privacy policy, NordPass collects some personal information. It collects IP addresses, location, and device information. It may also track app usage. For the app data, the information is anonymous. NordPass is pretty transparent with how it uses this information. Some of the data is shared with third-party service providers, so it’s important to consider your privacy needs before signing up.



Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) About NordPass

Is NordPass safe to use?

NordPass has many security protocols in place to keep your data secure. All of your data is encrypted using the innovative XChaCha20 and Argon 2 algorithms. Plus, there’s two-factor authentication.

Your information is even safe from NordPass. The password manager uses a zero-knowledge system for peace of mind.

Does NordPass use cloud-based storage?

The password management service does use cloud-based storage to keep your vaults safe. NordPass reportedly uses Amazon Web Services as its cloud infrastructure.

All of your data is encrypted locally on your device before it is sent to the cloud. Thus, your information is secure the entire time.

What’s the difference between NordPass Free and NordPass Premium?

The free version of NordPass has a few limitations. You can only use it on a single device. It doesn’t include features like device syncing or sharing either.

With the premium version, you can take advantage of every single feature the service has to offer.

How much does NordPass cost?

The paid NordPass plans cost as little as $2.49 per month. Though, what you’ll pay depends on the service terms. To pay the lowest price, you’ll need to commit to a two-year plan and pay your subscription fees up front.



As a newbie in the password protection realm, NordPass is missing a lot of features. It lacks some of those robust extras that the best password managers have.

However, at its core, NordPass does a great job of keeping your data secured. It uses some great technology. Thanks to the well-designed applications, NordPass is an accessible and easy-to-use service. While it might not be the best choice for those looking for all the bells and whistles, it certainly covers all of your bases.